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Alexteam has office in well-known building FORTUNE PLAZA it is near center of the city and convenient transportation. we have mature office settings and conscientious persons working as your Chinese representative.
At the moment you don't need to set up an office by renting office and employee people in China .
we can work as your office in China. It will be more economical and efficient for developing business in China
China office service details:
1. For reception of the information on the manufacturer of the kind of the goods necessary to you it is necessary to fill inquiry-form and to send it to us. The company within 2-5 days (depending on complexity of a theme) will study your inquiry and provide the decision on work with the given application. Services on search of the goods paid.
2. Term of preparation of the information on the required goods-14 days. For this time the company carries out marketing researches, finds manufacturers, checks a reality of contact and an opportunity of a meeting, prepares for a package of the information to the customer.
3.  The ready answer is transferred the customer (on e-mail or personally at a meeting The given service in a combination to work under the agency agreement very convenient for the customer as allows to reduce number expensive tour to China

2.Representation of your interests in territory of China
If you will wish to have the representative in China on behalf of our company, the agency contract about cooperation with payment of commission fee from 2 % up to 5 % from the sum of your purchases (payment of commission fee depends on the amount of works, stipulated in the contract) consists. Natural expenses which can arise during work, are paid separately. Usually into functions of the representative in the Peoples Republic of China enters: search of the manufacturer, a meeting of the representative of the company (customer), its support on territories of China, assistance at the conclusion of the contract; further - the full control over performance of contract obligations by manufacturer, quality check, quantities and shipment to the customer. By large deliveries or the contract about permanent mission, the sum of the money, deducted the companies for work, stipulates in the contract in each concrete case individually.


3.Negotiating in favour of the customer
The company is interested in long-term cooperation with clients and consequently the negotiations leaded at participation of translators of the company, are solved in favour of our client is more often. Even before negotiations the strategic plan of their conducting is developed, the documentation is prepared and consultations at lawyers about correctness of official registration of papers and legality of the transaction are conducted. These services can separately be paid or enter into cost of agency services of the company specified in the agency contract.

5.The full control of performance of orders over contracts
You can not only take advantage of our agency services, but also entrust us check of a condition of your lumpsum order, that is we are obliged to be interested in a condition of the order in your absence to avoid a delay of date of execution of the order, to support constant contact to you and to inform on all changes occuring during manufacturing, to transfer the manufacturer your remarks and wishes, and upon termination of process of manufacture to check quantity and quality of production and packing and to send the order to the client the chosen kind of transportation.Cost of this service from 2 % up to 5 % from a total cost of the order. To Russia and the CIS
.  it is possible to familiarize with quotations of transportation of cargoes in section of a cargo.

TEL:86-755-26666063 86-755-26662055 SKYPE: alexteam2