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Quality inspection service
Are your goods being manufactured in a factory in China while you

have no way of tracking the production process up close?

Alexteam offers you:
Quality control service on goods during production
Quality inspections will be carried out while the goods are still in production.

A professional inspector sent by Alexteam will arrive at the factory with exacting

technical details of the product together with a sample.

The inspector will take samples from the production line and check them according

to your specified criteria, such as: product function, components, colors, weight, etc.

During the course of the inspection, you will be updated with the results, and you will

 also receive immediate warning in case a quality defect or undesired result should occur.

 In that case you will be able to halt the production.

With this quality assurance, your high standards will be guaranteed, unnecessary costs

 will be eliminated and you will avoid the great disappointment of receiving a product

that is not up to your standards.

You can not only take advantage of our agency services, but also entrust us check

of a condition of your lumpsum order, that is we are obliged to be interested in a

condition of the order in your absence to avoid a delay of date of execution of the order,

to support constant contact to you and to inform on all changes occuring during

manufacturing, to transfer the manufacturer your remarks and wishes, and upon

 termination of process of manufacture to check quantity and quality of production

and packing and to send the order to the client the chosen kind of transportation.

Cost of this service from 2 % up to 5 % from a total cost of the order.

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