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importance of local service:

1. local service provided by local people may increase work efficiency ---local people know how to control the local resource and act properly. they know  local culture better .

2.local service may reduce  business cost by finding proper ways of doing business in China

3.local service may reduce risk in business

4.local service may response quickly to the sudden problem and solve them efficiently

5. from experience  , a good local service is a must for developing China business

 Alexteam specializes in locating manufacturers, suppliers and goods. Searching for suppliers and manufacturers in China is a complex mission, especially when you are far away from the scene, and when language and cultural obstacles keep getting in your way.Location of suppliers by a professional company will give you many advantages:

 1.Familiarity with the Chinese market, together with a knowledge of the relevant laws and commercial rules. Knowledge of Chinese culture and the way things are done there, as well as knowledge of the Chinese . language and the local dialects.

2.Experience in locating manufacturers and suppliers

3.The ability to anticipate problems and stumbling blocks, and to suggest appropriate solutions.

Alexteam will have branches in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.In all of our branches we employ local professionals who have a true conversance with the Chinese market and many connections with factories and suppliers.

 We will find you the most worthwhile suppliers, we will bring you a detailed proposal and we will form the groundwork for business cooperation between you and the supplier.

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